The Tricks and Treats of Recruiting

Sometimes beginning a search can feel like going trick-or-treating. You know your objective (to get candy/find the perfect candidate), but you never know what you’re going to get along the way. Sometimes you get something good, like a qualified candidate or a Snickers bar, but sometimes you find no qualified candidates, or you get a rock like Charlie Brown.

We’re rounded up our favorite treats and least favorite tricks about recruiting below–


  • Candidates who ghost you
  • Candidates who use your offer to get a better offer elsewhere
  • Clients who hire internally after spending time on a search
  • When the job description changes halfway through a search
  • Candidates who don’t answer your scheduled phone call or don’t show up for their interview
  • Candidates who initially accept an offer then change their minds last minute



  • Candidates who send you their resume unprompted
  • Resumes that are well written and tailored to the job
  • Clients who have a quick hiring process
  • Candidates who fall within the compensation range
  • Clients who are engaged in the search process