I used Sarah to help build a great engineering team. Over a period of about two years she helped our organization find top level talent as we doubled the size of our team. She’s an Engineer herself, so when you detail what skills and competencies you need, she understands and responds quickly. She works to understand your organization’s culture and only brings candidates that will work for you. She is great just to bounce ideas off of. She was a true partner in building a winning team.

Engineering Director

Sarah was an amazing partner in helping me to find a job that perfectly fit my skill set and was exactly what my new employer was looking for. She was a patient listener and helped me to move through the process from idea to start date. I am extremely impressed by her knowledge of the nuclear and pharmaceutical industries and connections. She has a great ear for listening and I would highly recommend her from both sides of the table. I now look forward to working with her as a client to help me fill future roles.

Product Development Director

I was first introduced to Sarah a couple of years ago. At that time I was not ready to make a career move but when that time came Sarah was there to help me find a great engineering job. She was very helpful throughout the entire process and always kept me informed. I would highly recommend her to anyone searching for a different or new job.

Electronics Repair Engineer

I have found Sarah is one of the few recruiters who actually listen to the candidates and effectively communicate the employer’s needs. From the time she first contacted me about the job that I eventually accepted, she has been very patient and never tried to push. She listened to my concerns all along and did everything she could to address them. I believe, she was equally good in communicating with the employer too. I strongly recommend Sarah.

Director of Systems Engineering

Sarah is an exceptional recruiter and resource development partner! An established company, who I now work for, was initially looking for some business and systems people to assess US market opportunities, but through a succession of events Sarah helped create, the company decided to directly start-up a new division for their products in the US. Sarah, with her sharp abilities to intuit, listen, and observe, crafted a winning opportunity for everyone! I would say Sarah epitomizes the best resourcing, recruiting and staffing talent. I have been lucky to work with her. Thank you Sarah!

Principal Project Engineer

Sarah connected me with a new opportunity, and made sure I was as ready as could be. Sarah is highly engaged and clearly takes pride in the work she does. She was very proactive, responsive, and supportive through the hiring process. Now as a hiring manager, I look forward to working with Sarah again!

Systems Engineering Manager

Sarah has done an awesome job and is a pleasure to work with. We had some challenging positions to fill and she was able to a pull in quality candidates for us. Sarah does a great job from candidate identification through introduction/interview to supporting closure on the offer and acceptance.


Sarah is a dynamic individual who pursues relentlessly the best interest of both her client companies and client candidates. She is uniquely skilled and engenders feelings of progress throughout the job search process. I am grateful to have met her and consider her to be a true “go-to” source for job seeking in the nuclear power industry.

Senior Procurement Engineer

Sarah is a dedicated recruiter that goes the extra mile for you. She always follows up with you, and gives it a personal touch by getting to know you. She helped me fill a position at the nuclear plant with a very highly qualified candidate by making sure she fully understood what my needs were, and sent me only those resumes that made the cut. I would recommend using her services to anyone seeking the best candidate engineers.

Engineering Manager

I highly recommend working with Sarah! She provided excellent service and coordination of information at the appropriate times. she was also very responsive when I had questions. Her ability to match skill level with position is also equally impressive. overall she is very professional, and the one of the best I’ve worked with.

Quality Manager