Could Contract Staffing be Right for You?

What is contract staffing?

Sometimes referred to as interim staffing, contract staffing is short term to long term non-permanent placements. When bringing someone on as a contractor or in an interim role, a contract is signed for a specific amount of time. This can be tied to a project completion, or can be for a specific end date.

Is contract staffing right for you?

Many people make careers out of being contractors. If you’re someone who enjoys changing workplaces or projects frequently, this might be the move for you. Contractors usually make a higher hourly rate than salaried employees in a similar role, which can also be appealing to certain workers.

However, contract work is not as stable as permanent roles because it has a designated end date. This could mean gaps between projects (ie. Periods of time with no pay), and it also means you must spend time lining up future projects. Many contractors are also 1099 workers, and do not receive benefits through the companies they work for. This can be an added expense to consider when looking into contract positions.

For companies, contract positions can be the perfect solution to solving upcoming problems or projects your current team may not be able to handle on their own. Bringing someone on as a contractor can also be a good way to test if someone would be a good fit for your company.

Interim staffing is also a good solution for covering staffing gaps when permanent employees may be out for sabbaticals, family leave, etc. However, as mentioned above contract workers are typically paid a higher hourly wage than salaried workers, so this is something to budget for.

If you’re curious if contract staffing could be right for you, or if you have any questions reach out to us! We’d be happy to walk you through your staffing options. If you decide contract staffing is right for you, our team can help handle all paperwork and payroll for a full service experience.