Time Kills All Deals

Is your company losing TOP talent to your competitors? If the answer is yes, it could be that your process is too slow! Below are some tips that we advise our clients consider prior to starting a search.

  1. Make filling the role a priority and commit!
  2. PREP PREP and PREP (get things organized!)
  3. Turnaround time- set a specific time window to let the recruiter and candidate know if you’re interested in moving forward for an interview (the faster the better)
  4. Identify your interview teams prior to engaging candidates. Ask yourself if you really need 10 people to interview the candidate?
  5. Create time blocks in the team’s calendar for set interviews. Instead of wasting time trying to figure out everyone’s calendars you can set up interviews immediately.
  6. Try and limit the number of interviews; after the 3rd interview candidates start losing interest and may question the team’s organization and commitments.
  7. Identify market value for the candidates you need to hire and offer them a salary accordingly. Get any additional approvals completed ahead of time; have the conversation with your recruiter prior to the final interview about candidate’s salary.
  8. Create an agenda for the interview.
  9. Prepare the offer prior to the final interview. If after the final interview you and your team conclude that the candidate has the proper qualifications hand them an offer before they walk out the door. Have staff to help answer any questions. This shows the candidate that you are serious and ready to commit.
  10. Make sure your offer provides an expiration time (24 hours). This will show if the candidate is committed.