Are You Limiting Yourself to Local Talent?

In the age of remote working, why limit yourself to only hiring local talent?

We get it, you might need someone to work onsite at your company. Even still, we recommend being open to candidates outside of your local area. Sure, we typically look at local candidates first when working on a new search. After all, it’s typically easier for someone to consider a new opportunity if it’s a local company. They don’t have to move, they can meet the team in person, and there’s a chance they are already familiar with your company.

However, if your company works in a niche industry or is looking for very specific job requirements, it’s always best to be open to outside talent. If the position can be performed remotely, or if it can largely be done remotely with some travel as needed, then allowing this to be an option widens the talent pool substantially.

Even if you need the position to work in person full time, it’s a good idea to look into non-local candidates. You never know who may be looking or open to move to your area! Some people may have family in the area, or they went to college there and want to return, etc. Some people are also open to move anywhere for the right opportunity.

Long story short, be clear about your expectations for a role, but don’t limit your candidate pool based on current location. You could be missing out on great workers!