Perks of Using a Recruiter: Negotiations

We recently worked with a candidate who received an offer letter early in the week from a company they seemed very excited about. But when the offer finally came, the candidate requested more time to consider the offer. For those that work in the recruiting world—you know that this can be a bad sign.

After going back and forth for a few days, we were finally able to discover that our candidate was unsure of the offer because they were hoping for a larger base salary than was offered. However, our candidate was hesitant to bring this up because they were worried that trying to negotiate would put them in a negative light in the eyes of the company!

This is one of the major perks of working with a recruiter for both candidates and companies. There’s a chance this candidate would have passed on the offer because they were not comfortable negotiating directly with the company. Luckily, we had built a level of trust with the candidate that allowed them to feel comfortable enough to express their concerns with us, and we were able to negotiate on their behalf with the hiring manager!

Besides post offer negotiating, recruiters can also handle offer presentation, both verbally and formally. This can pave the way for immediate negotiation conversations or allow for more open and honest initial conversations. Then, when it is time to present a formal written offer, the candidate knows exactly what to expect.

Working with a recruiter doesn’t have to be a transactional service. When you find someone who takes the time to build relationships with both you and your candidates, you can get so much more than a pile of resumes on your desk. A good recruiter will be with you every step of the process, and is available even post placement because they care about you and your company.