How To Switch Job Industries

Have you considered switching to a job in a new industry?

We have talked to many people who feel stuck in their present job, but they’re unsure of what else they can do, or they feel as though they are invested too far in their current industry to do anything else.

It is never too late to switch industries! Some people are afraid to pursue a career in a new industry because they think they will have to start at the bottom of the ladder, but there are many possibilities for both lateral and upward moves.

If you are thinking about pursuing a job in a new industry but aren’t sure where to start, ask yourself these questions:

Why do I want to leave my current industry?

Asking this question can help you pinpoint what it is you DON’T want, and in turn help you find out what you are looking for in a new industry. This can also help you decide what types of roles to look for.

Is there a specific industry I am interested in?

If you are looking to pivot into a particular industry, great! You are one step closer to making a change.

What are my transferrable skills?

This is probably the most important question to ask when you are looking to switch industries. Your answer will help you figure out which positions you are qualified to move into.

If you are unsure about how your skills might be transferrable to a new industry, reach out to a recruiter who works in that industry! We often think outside the box to fill difficult positions, so we can help determine which of your skills would work well within another industry.

While on the surface two industries may seem very different, the job responsibilities within them can be very similar. If you work in a federally regulated industry, you may have luck moving into another industry that is also federally regulated.

After deciding which industry or industries you would like to pursue, update your resume to highlight the transferable skills you have identified. Position your current and past experiences in a way that will show a hiring manager how and why you will be a good fit for their team.