What To Do When a Recruiter Contacts You

Do you know what to do when a recruiter reaches out to you?

Typically, you’re going to be in one of three situations. One- you’re actively looking for a new job. Two- you aren’t actively job searching, but you are open to learning about new opportunities. Or three- you are not job searching and you are not open to new opportunities.

While we recommend not locking yourself into the third category (you can find that blog post here), there are things you should still do when a recruiter reaches out to you, even if you aren’t interested in the current opportunity.

Keep an Open Mind

We know that there are less than stellar recruiters out there, and chances are you’ve dealt with one at some point or another. We understand the frustration that can stem from bad experiences, but we ask that you please keep an open mind when other recruiters reach out!

Be Patient

We work closely with our hiring managers to ensure we understand the complexities of all the roles we search for, but at the end of the day our expertise is recruiting, not necessarily the position we reach out to you about. If we send you a message about an opportunity that doesn’t totally align with your background, please be patient with us.

Be Specific About What You Want

If you are looking for something specific in your job search or are only open to specific types of opportunities, please let us know! If the position we initially contacted you about doesn’t align with your career goals, tell us what would instead. We work on many different searches at one time, so we may have another opportunity that would be a better fit for you. If we don’t currently have anything open, knowing what you are looking for means we can keep you in mind the next time a relevant position opens up!

Connect With Us

If you would like to be considered for future opportunities, connect with us! Send a connection request on LinkedIn, follow our company page, share your phone number or email, or all of the above! The easier it is for us to keep up with you, the more likely we are to think of you first for upcoming opportunities.

Don’t Go Around Us

If we share an opportunity with you and you are interested in moving forward, it’s in your best interest to work directly with us. Some people make the mistake of thinking they will have a better chance if they apply directly to a job opening, but the opposite is true. We work directly with the hiring managers at the companies we recruit for, so applying through us will get your resume directly on the desk of the person making decisions.

Make It a Priority

If you are interested in the role we share with you, make pursuing it a priority. If you aren’t interested, or are only mildly interested, that’s okay! Be honest with us so we know how to best support you in the process. One of the benefits of working with a recruiter is we can advocate for you, but we only want to do so if the opportunity is something you are serious about.