Should You Accept a Counteroffer?

This is a decision only you can make, but in our experience accepting a counteroffer is never a good idea. If you are at the stage to be deciding between an offer and a counter offer, you most likely are not 100% satisfied in your current position. Even if you only applied to a new opportunity to obtain a counteroffer, we still would not recommend accepting it.

  1. Your current company may view you as untrustworthy
  2. A counteroffer won’t solve any existing issues—if you’re unhappy or unsatisfied a counteroffer won’t change that long term
  3. A counteroffer is a short term solution. Your current company may be offering one to you so your position stays filled until they can replace you. A counteroffer could also be your new stagnant point, whereas at a new company you have much more room for growth.

A counteroffer is often a last resort for both parties. If you were ready to leave your job before one, then you should leave regardless of one.