Why You Should Tell Your Recruiter Your Real Salary Expectations

We do not set the compensation ranges for the positions we recruit for, our clients do. So candidates—please tell us your real compensation expectations during our initial phone call! If that number changes, then please let us know as soon as it does. Our job is to advocate for you as well as for the companies we work with.

Our clients typically have a set range they are allowed to allocate to a new position. When we ask your compensation expectations, it is to ensure that it aligns with what our client is thinking. Sometimes we can ask our clients if a higher range is available, but only if you are honest with us up front!

When you tell us your expectations, we share them with the hiring manager to ensure we do not waste anyone’s time if what you are looking for does not align with what our client can provide. If you tell us a specific number during our initial phone call and then decide to change that number on your formal application or during the interview process, it can actually do more harm than good. We want you to be satisfied with your compensation, but we also know what is realistic for our client.

We always work with both our clients and candidates to make sure everyone is getting what they need. If we find that a client’s range for a position does not match market value, we advise them on how to proceed. If a candidate’s expectations do not match a client’s offering, then we want to be upfront about that as well.

Our job as recruiters is to find the right fit for both people and companies. Part of that fit is compensation and salary expectations. Please be honest with us when we ask—it is better for everyone in the long run!