Is a Bachelor’s of Science in Engineering and a Bachelor’s of Science in Engineering Technology the same thing?

After several ongoing internal discussions about the topic, we posed this question to our network. We have worked with companies in the past that have specified that they are looking for candidates with one degree type over the other, and this made us wonder how other people viewed the two degree programs.

Are they essentially the same? Does it depend on the college or university? Does school accreditation make a difference?

55% of people polled said “They’re totally different”
20% said “It depends on the school”
13% said “No, if they’re ABET accredited”
12% said “Other” and let us know their thoughts in the comments
The general consensus seemed to be that while the two degree programs are different, a person’s work experience after graduating is a better indicator of their capabilities than their degree is.
One electrical engineer said “I think there is a difference in how the engineers are educated in school, but I think it becomes mostly irrelevant once the engineers enter the workforce since people with either degree are going to learn most of the skills needed to do their job from their employer.”
A nuclear engineer commented “In my judgment, the preference in employer choice relies on the type of industry they serve. Innovative engineering design and analysis industries rely on full discipline engineering degrees. Manufacturing, construction, implementation type industries may lean more into the engineering technology degrees. Both degrees are valuable and given a few year of service the engineers become diverse in all aspects without ability for one to tell if an individual is a technology degree or a full discipline degree.”
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