How does recruiting impact your employer brand?

Finding the right talent can be tough, but finding the right talent with a poor or nonexistent employer brand can be next to impossible. That’s where we come in. We are dedicated to being your partner, not vendor, and in doing so we become an extension of your employer brand.

So what is an employer brand?

This is your reputation as an employer and is cultivated by your former, current, and prospective employees. “An employer brand — or what is also known as your “talent,” or “people” brand — that resonates is about defining the essence of your company, both how it’s unique and what it stands for, and then crafting and aligning those aspirations with the people you’re looking to attract. It communicates that your organization is a good employer and a great place to work, which boosts recruitment efforts and the engagement and retention of your current employees,” (Lybrand 2018).

Having both a good and a strong employer brand is critical for successful recruitment. In return, a strong recruitment process can lead to a stronger employer brand.

How does recruiting impact your employer brand?

While larger or long standing companies may already be well known to potential candidates, this perception enters a ‘make it or break it’ stage at the beginning of the recruitment process. For smaller companies, startups, and newer businesses the first point of contact is even more crucial. For many candidates the first message from a recruiter may be the first time they are made aware of a certain opportunity or company. How that conversation transpires impacts the vision the candidate begins to form of the company. If that first point of contact goes poorly, it can cause the candidate to negatively view the company in question. On the flip side, if the initial conversation goes well it can position the company in a better light.

This is why working with an established recruiter who knows the industry and knows your company is so important. The first step in our process is to determine your needs and define your company culture. Once this needs analysis is complete, we then work directly with HR or the hiring manager to create a unique position profile based on the job description. This attention to detail and commitment to your needs is what makes us your partner, and not a vendor.

We understand that as a recruiter we are representing you and your company, and therefore reflect your employer brand. When you work with large, impersonal recruitment agencies you put your employer brand at risk.

How does a bad employer brand impact your company?

“One poll from CR Magazine and Cielo Talent showed that almost 50% of workers said they wouldn’t work for a company with a bad reputation, even with a big increase in compensation. This all adds up: With a negative, or non-existent employer brand, organizations are likely spending 10% more per employee hired. That means working much harder for longer just to get quality employees through the door… when your employer brand is strong, your recruiters experience less friction introducing your company to top talent and getting them to the offer stage. Your company becomes a talent magnet, and your reputation soars,” (Lybrand 2018).

Protect and strengthen your employer brand with recruiters who understand how important it is. We care about your company like it is our own because partnership is our commitment to you.