Recruiting Myths

One of the concerns we receive from candidates is that they are hesitant about the cost of working with a recruiter. This is a recruiting myth! While workers originally paid headhunters directly, modern recruiting operates differently.

After WWII, the modern recruiting industry was born to help aid the growing workforce of returning veterans. These veterans were coming home with an influx of new skills, so they utilized headhunters and recruiters to help them find the best jobs for their new skillsets. During this time, candidates paid recruiters directly for those services. However, in the 1970s there was a shift from a candidate based service to a client based service. Due to a strong economy, companies began to outsource their hiring to recruiters in order to keep up with their growing hiring demands. This also saw the shift of recruitment fees transferring from the worker to the company.

This is how The Ottohahn Group works today. We are hired by our clients to recruit on their behalf. Because we are providing them a service, there is no cost to you as the candidate.