April Newsletter

Happy Spring! With the warmer weather comes our third monthly newsletter! In this issue you will find exciting news for the defense industry, the story of one of our recent candidates who we helped bring home, new opportunities we are currently searching for, and insights into what candidates are really looking for in potential clients!

Industry News:

“Massive DOD Contract Awarded to Mobile 3D Printing Lab That Could Aid Front Line Troops”
By David Mantey

“3D printing has many advantages, but none more critical than the ability to facilitate on-the-fly maintenance and repair for various applications.

And a new $1.6 million contract awarded to 3D printing technology company, ExOne, is about to bring metal printing to, perhaps, one of the most important applications of all: U.S. troops on the front lines.

The U.S. Department of Defense has granted ExOne one of its largest-ever government contracts, this time to develop a portable 3D printing factory for troops to use in the field.

The mobile lab will be housed in a shipping container, but that’s not the only unique modification being made here. ExOne’s CEO John Hartner told TechCrunch that the unit will feature ruggedized equipment, and it will also offer a software layer that will reduce the complexity of training for its users.

The group anticipates the users will be engaged in humanitarian or emergency missions – or potentially even combat – and will be able to quickly fabricate missing or broken parts for their equipment when needed.

Hartner stressed the importance of simplifying the supply chain for these types of users, suggesting they may be using a cloud database of 3D items or even scanning the item and addressing repairs digitally before printing a new one. Either way, he says, it’s “decentralized and forward-deployed,” disrupting the traditional methods in place.

ExOne will use the money for R&D and building costs since this is the first unit of its kind it will develop. It will utilize binder jet printing, which layers composite powder to create a metal end product and the company hopes to deliver the fully stocked container by Q3 of next year.”

Image Credit: Thomas Industry Update
Read the full article here.


Candidate Spotlight:

Homeward bound!
This past month, The Ottohahn Group worked with a candidate whose story is very close to our hearts. We originally connected with Frank because we had a new opportunity that matched his background in systems engineering. We knew that he would be a good fit for our client, but we wanted to take the time to get to know Frank to find out what would make an opportunity the right fit for him. During our first call we found out that Frank’s home state was the very state that our client was located—Texas. Not only did this opportunity align with Frank’s professional goals, but it was the chance to finally return home after working in Washington for five years.
We pride ourselves on being partners, not vendors, and working with Frank is a great example of that. It is always our goal to make sure that we match candidates and opportunities so that it is beneficial to both sides. For Frank, this “new position is a step up from my current position. The responsibilities are higher and my impact on the system is more direct.” Not only is it important to us that we find opportunities that are a good fit for candidates professionally, but we want it to be the right fit personally as well.
“This is exactly the type of position I was hoping for! Also, it is an opportunity to move back to Texas which is home to me. A match made in heaven!”



Electronic Test Technician, Nuclear
The Ottohahn Group is searching for multiple direct hire Electronic Test Technicians for a growing client.  This position will perform functional testing, inspection, troubleshooting, and repair of a wide variety of complex electrical, electronic, and electro-mechanical components.

Procurement Engineering Manager, Radiopharmaceutical
We are searching for a candidate who has 8+ years of experience as a lead qualified Nuclear procurement engineer. The procurement engineering managers responsibility is to primarily oversee commercial grade dedication (CGD) and equipment qualification activities associated with the procurement of safety related components/material in support of the construction and operation of a new nuclear facility.

Systems Engineering Manager, Defense
The Ottohahn Group is a seeking a direct hire systems engineering manager to be provide leadership and technical expertise to a dynamic team of Systems Engineers. This position will require significant experience as a core systems engineer in their career as well as leadership experience. Our client is looking for someone with 15+ years of experience.

Safety Analysis Manager, Nuclear
This position is responsible to direct and manage engineering activities to ensure the safe design, startup, and operation of a medical isotope production facility. Areas of responsibility for this team include radiological safety, chemical safety, criticality safety, and fire hazard analysis. Our client is looking for someone with a bachelor’s in a relevant engineering discipline, and a background in hazard evaluation or safety analysis.


Tips and Trends:

This past month we conducted a survey on LinkedIn to gauge the top priorities of candidates when applying to or considering a new opportunity. As LinkedIn only allows four voting options for polls, our categories had to be condensed in order to include everything we felt was relevant. To further this research, we will be conducting future surveys to obtain a better grasp on what candidates value.
We conducted this poll to be able to better inform our clients as they continue to hire during and post pandemic. We had noticed during many of our conversations with potential candidates that the desire and need for remote working options was growing– but was this now the most important requirement to potential employees?
According to the poll results, it was not. Although votes were fairly well distributed across the board, Company Culture/People was the top answer of those surveyed. What can we learn from this? Ultimately, while compensation, perks, etc. are important the number one benefit you can offer a candidate is a good company culture. We’ve seen it happen before– a client will offer a high starting salary, an impressive title, and more, but candidates will refuse to move forward after learning who the company is because they have heard negative comments about that company’s culture.
Culture fit is important on both sides. Candidates want to join companies where they can feel safe, welcome, and encouraged, and clients want to hire candidates who align with their values and goals. Our goal is to always find the best match for both parties. In our process we make sure to ask hiring managers to describe their company culture as best as they can. We also discuss culture with every potential candidate to make sure that we only submit them for companies that align with what they are looking for.