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Meet Our Team!

Sarah Gagliostro

Sarah is the President and Managing Partner of The Ottohahn Group. She came to the engineering and executive search business with extensive technical and business operations management experience. Prior to launching the Ottohahn Group, she managed global compliance, program operations, as well as held technical roles in the automotive industry where she provided support to quality engineering, production engineering, and purchasing.

Nick Gagliostro

Nicholas is a Managing Partner of The Ottohahn Group. He brings his extensive background in engineering to the role of executive search and consulting. Nick is an alum from RIT, and has held multiple engineering positions within the Nuclear Power Generation Industry. He has provided engineering and technical consultation to solve complex problems, and developed engineering processes and specifications for the procurement of critical and significant components. He has also held supplier quality engineering, and manufacturing engineering roles at leading companies in the automotive industry.

Phoebe Fornof

Phoebe is a Project manager at The Ottohahn Group. She is a recent graduate from Stony Brook University with a bachelors in marketing and an MBA in management. She has previously held positions as a project manager and marketing team lead focused on fostering and cultivating innovation and entrepreneurship.

Industry News:

“New Nuclear Plant Could Rise at Site of Former One in NJ”

“LACEY, N.J. (AP) — The company that’s in the process of mothballing one of the nation’s oldest nuclear power plants says it is interested in building a new next-generation nuclear reactor at the same site in New Jersey.

Holtec International last month received $147.5 million — $116 million of which will come from the U.S. Department of Energy — to complete research and development work on a modern nuclear reactor that could be built at the site of the former Oyster Creek Nuclear Generating Station in the Forked River section of Lacey Township, New Jersey.

Holtec owns that facility and oversaw its shutdown in 2018.

The Camden company’s interest in building an SMR-160 reactor, which would be a nationwide demonstration project, was first reported Friday by an engineering industry website.

“As part of our application to the Department of Energy for its advanced reactor demonstration program, we expressed interest in possibly locating an SMR-160 small modular reactor at the Oyster Creek decommissioning site in the future,” company spokesperson Joe Delmar said in an email Tuesday. “This concept is only preliminary and something we would likely discuss with Lacey Township and the community if plans to locate (the reactor) at Oyster Creek evolve.”

Delmar said Holtec is “actively engaged with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission” about the project, but has not yet formally applied to build the reactor.

Holtec calls the SMR-160 “a versatile, safe, and economical small modular reactor,” one in which all key components, including cooling water, are sealed within containment facilities, and that can quickly be shut down during an emergency. It uses no pumps or valves.

The proposed reactor would power about 160,000 homes, compared to the 600,000 that were powered by Oyster Creek.”

Read the Full Article Here. 


Candidate Spotlight: 

Nate Kalpin, Rochester NY

Nate was placed by The Ottohahn Group as a Senior Manufacturing Quality Engineer at a global medical device manufacturer in Rochester, NY where he provides quality support for manufacturing operations, engineering, and utilizes problem-solving skills to drive resolution within his assigned manufacturing lines. He also manages engineering change orders, CAPAs and being a quality advocate across disciplines.

“Making the move to my position was something that will enable me to not only sharpen my current skillsets, but to grow and learn new skillsets that will keep me marketable in the industry and ensure companies want me just as much as I want them. This ultimately supports my family, and helps secure a future for us.”

 On his relationship with The Ottohahn Group:
“I was contacted by Sarah; I had not heard about The Ottohahn Group prior to this. Since then, I have certainly recommended The Ottohahn Group to several different contacts searching for new positions within the industry.”


Career Opportunities:
Validation Engineer:
The Ottohahn Group is seeking a Direct Hire Mid-SR level Validation Engineer who will develop and execute validations to ensure regulatory compliance to established internal and external standards related to released product or current production. The individual will support the writing of validation protocols and reports, along with the gathering and analysis of data.

Sr. Technical Buyer- Nuclear:
Immediately seeking a Senior Technical Buyer to provide support to the Procurement team with complex transaction activities (equipment, construction, services, and subcontracts) expediting and driving procurement administration, vendor relationships and communication, and proposal development.

Material Control and Accountability Manager: 
Material Control and Accountability (MC&A) Manager reporting to the Engineering Department. The MC&A Manager is responsible for developing and implementing an MC&A program for our clients NRC regulated nuclear facility, currently under construction. Ideal candidates for this position will have a strong background in statistics, chemistry, or nuclear processing.

Licensing Engineer: 
Provide Support of the NRC review of the operating license application, the preparation for, and coordination of, the NRC construction inspection, the preparation and submittal of permit and license applications to other applicable regulatory agencies, and to ensure ongoing compliance with all licenses and permits.

European Engineering Director:
The Ottohahn Group is Searching for a Direct Hire Nuclear European Engineering Director who will be responsible leading the design of the European Nuclear Isotope production process.

Whether you’re seeking your company’s next impact player, or looking to make a career change of your own, our team has the process, methodology and contacts to support your goals! Check us out »

Tips and Trends:

Work Environments Poll:
One of the biggest new trends we have seen in the talent acquisition process is the question about the possibility of remote work. We wanted to see if the trend was the same with a larger sample pool, so we conducted a poll on LinkedIn.
We found that when looking at work environments post Covid-19, the majority of people thought that they would be the most successful with a combination of remote and in office work.

A study by Slack produced similar results– in their survey, 72% of people said they would prefer a flexible hybrid working environment. This survey also highlighted that working remotely improved work-life balance and provided a less stressful working environment, and that working from home seemed to boost quality in life. Remote work also had a net positive effect on productivity, stress, and overall work satisfaction.
Remote work does still present its challenges, such as feelings of loneliness or isolation, difficulty avoiding distractions, struggles to keep up with others and maintain relationships, as well as technical difficulties with Wi-Fi or internet access.
A flexible or hybrid work structure can help to reap the benefits of remote work, while keeping the challenges of fully remote work at bay. Organizations may want to look to this model as the future of work in order to invest in employee satisfaction and productivity.